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Where Can I Camp?
Camps are split into 2 categories:
  • Full-service camps are commercial camps offering on-site managers, power, hot showers and other facilities.
  • Basic & Freedom camps have little or no facilities, and no powered sites.
Full-Service Camps
Basic & Freedom Camps
Activities & Adventures
North Island
River-Splash Track

Goldie Bush / Mokoroa Falls

This tramping loop track is sort of like canyoneering lite. The Mokoroa stream section of the track criss-crosses the knee-deep stream numerous times, with the track markers actually glued underwater at certain spots. This is a great...

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Three Wild Limestone Caves

Abbey Caves

This series of three separate caves, set amongst a neat limestone boulder garden, are one of the unheralded adventures that make this island so special. Except for locals and backpackers headed to the acclaimed...

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Geologic Oddity

Putangirua Pinnacles

Towering spires and pinnacles highlight this unique “badlands” area.

Pick your way up the dry streambed and then veer into a left-side gully and you’ll find yourself suddenly surrounded by an eerie grey kingdom...

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Man-Made Hydro-Phenomenon

Aratiatia Rapids

Surprisingly, most tourist literature does a lousy job expressing just how captivating the Aratiatia Rapids really are. Here's my spiel: The Waikato River, pouring out of Lake Taupo in aquamarine glory then spilling over Huka Falls...

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NZ's most beautiful beach

Cathedral Cove

This beach wins! Yup, it's the most beautiful small beach on the entire island - and that's saying A LOT! Of course you've seen the pictures of this cove, hasn't everyone? Air New Zealand used it in their international...

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Surf City NZ

Mt. Maunganui

The 'Mount' is surf City New Zealand. It's like a quintessential California beach town, only better. Better because there's an extinct volcano rising abruptly off this white sand beach and an artificial reef placed...

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Waterfall Swimming Hole

Kaiate Falls

Kaiate (or Te Rerekawau)Falls is one of those “locals” places. A cool-as spot that locals love but guidebooks like Lonely Planet completely overlook. Even the DOC literature hardly inspires a visit. That’s why you have...

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Mud Pool

Mud Pool may be my favorite place in the North Island (oh wait, maybe I said that about Ngauruhoe, Tongaporutu, and Waitakere forest too. Ooops, sorry) It sort of seems that Tourism Waiotapu would have you believe that Mud Pool is part...

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Remote, Historic Beach

Whatipu Beach

Whatipu is the most remote of the Waitakere’s road-end beaches. Other than the miles of beautiful solitude found here, you’ll also find a historically and geologically fascinating beach. In the late 1800s an elevated railway...

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Monster Waterfall

Wairere Falls

These falls are…(here I go again)…a surprise spectacle, a marvelous magnificence! Unexpectedly, 14km east of Matamata’s Shiredoor Hobbitland, the Wairere stream leaps off a 152m escarpment as if it just can’t...

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Home To Lake Waikaremoana

Urewera National Park

The island’s largest stand of virgin forest is contained in the peculiarly named Urewera Nat’l Park (it’s named after a burnt penis—true, ask a ranger!) The primary attraction for most folks is vast Lake...

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NZ's Longest Swing Bridge

Waiohine Gorge

This forested gorge has good camping and riverside swimming holes. The trails are all pretty rugged tramper’s tracks—viewless, steep, boggy challenges. But, if you’ve yet to cross a New Zealand swing bridge…then...

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Hot Springs Waterfall Creek

Kerosene Creek

This hot spring oasis is sort of two-faced. On one hand Kerosene Creek can be the most beautiful, unique, and soothing place in the country…other times it can be a disgusting, rowdy, burglaryprone annoyance. K-...

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Track Up Peculiar Peak

Tokatoka Peak

Tokatoka Peak, the spiky remnant of an ancient volcano, decorates the feature deprived landscape north of Kaipara Harbor. Heading north you can see its pointy protrusion soon after leaving the Kauri Museum. Heading south from...

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Southern-Most Big Kauri

Tuahu Kauri

This giant may be the southernmost of the really big Kauris—this is the south end of their natural range. An easy walk will bring you within huggable proximity of this 2.7m-wide behemoth. If you’ve already seen the giants of...

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Gorgeous Waterfall

Rere Falls

Rere Falls is a beaut, but mostly overlooked by waterfall connoisseurs, even the NZ Waterfalls book. Maybe because it’s simply not near to any tourism-promoting township. It receives very little rah-rah outside of the “101...

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Stair-Step Waterfall

Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls is an idyllic fern-draped waterfall that tumbles nearly 100m in a continuous series of pools and drops. The popular track to the falls (especially weekends) is pretty steep, but well-maintained. Expect plenty of steps...

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Excellent Headlands / Beach Loop

Mangawhai Cliffs Walkway

This walkway is one of the best coastal tracks on the entire island, it's that good! This is a two hour loop - half along the beach and its rocky coves, the other half contouring atop the cliffs. Like a coin you go from heads (Mangawhai...

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South Island
The Best "Land's End" Spot To Visit

Waipapa Lighthouse / Shipwreck

The Waipapa Point Lighthouse is the southernmost lighthouse on the South Island, and even though it’s not quite as south as Slope Point, it’s more interesting to visit Waipapa than the no-frills no-interest Slope Pt*. The...

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Off-The-Beaten-Track Walking Beaches

Mapoutahi Heads / Doctors Point Beaches

Mapoutahi Head is the ridge that separates Purakaunui and Blueskin Bays north of Port Chalmers. Three long white sand beaches adorn the northfacing coastline here, with some intimate low-tide coves adding some pizzazz. The white sand...

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South Island's Best Waterfall Outside Of Fiordland

Devil's Punchbowl Falls

Devil’s Punchbowl Falls is the must-see attraction of Arthur’s Pass. This waterfall is as near to perfect as you can ask for—high, mighty, and mesmerizing with numerous view vantages. High above Arthur’s Pass...

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Short Tracks To Iceberg Views

Tasman Glacier View Tracks

Glacier View Track: A Must-See! The 15-minute steep stepped-track to the top of the Tasman Glacier’s moraine ridge is amazing. The track is Steep, but the payoff is worth it! The view sweeps over the entire...

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An Elevated View Of Fox Glacier's Upper Reaches

Fox Glacier's Chalet Track

The Chalet track is a moderately uphill track ending at a view platform overlooking Fox Glacier’s blue-black icy snout. This is an impressive glacial view for a relatively paltry effort…and better yet, no tour buses bring...

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Fabled Fiordland Must-See

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is home to the South Island's most iconic image -Mitre Peak towering over the Sound. Every NZ traveler is told that a cruise on either Milford or Doubtful Sound is a Fiordland Natl Park MUST. Fewer have been told that the...

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Gorgeous Beach Cove, Lotsa Wind, 6pm Penguins

Sandfly Bay

Sandfly Bay is a force of nature! Arrive during a south wind and you’ll immediately understand the name “Sandfly” — the lava cliffs bookending the beach squeeze the winds into a sand-flying gale. Whoa, there may...

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Scenic Lighthouse Photo-Op & Penguin Viewing

Nugget Point Lighthouse And Penguins

Nugget Point is the Catlin’s famed lighthouse tourist magnet, probably the South Island’s most scenic lighthouse location. It’s the one with the rocky “nuggets” studding the sea just east of the lighthouse...

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South Island's Best Day Walk

Hooker Valley Track

On a clear day, the Hooker Valley Track is indisputably the South Island’s most scenic day walk. Indisputably!! On a grey clouded-in day, forget it. This walk is all about soaring alpine views, so if the clouds are socked-in and...

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View-Packed Headlands Track

Taylor's Mistake / Godley Head Loop Track

This moderate loop track tours the grassy open slopes of Godley Headlands beginning from the last bit of Chch’s eastern suburbs—Taylor’s Mistake beach. Most of the track is gentle and there are ocean views 100% of the...

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The Better Glacier Valley Walk

Franz Josef Glacier Valley Track

The Franz Josef Glacier Valley walk is the more interesting of the two glacier valley walks, and it seems less crowded since tourists are spread out over a longer distance than at Fox Glacier. It takes an easy 30 minutes from the...

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Limestone Boulder Garden Jungle

The Grove

Nobody should visit Takaka without doing the short loop walk through The Grove. This is one of the best easy short walks on the entire South Island! Just a few minutes from Takaka, The Grove transports you into a mysterious Thailand-...

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Jurassic Playground With Mini-Dolphins

Curio Bay

There’s nowhere else on our planet like Curio Bay. A strong statement, yes, but there’s simply nowhere else in the world that you can watch happyhour penguins hop atop barnacle-encrusted petrified tree stumps after an...

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Historic Ruins And Jungly River Scenery

Charming Creek Walkway

Make Time For This Walk!!!!!!!! It’s one of the best easy walks on the South Island.

The Charming Creek Walkway is CHARMING²! This is a walkway through time, through history, through jungle…...

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Unbelievable Natural Spectacle!!

Punakaiki Rocks!

The famed “Pancake rocks” are a Westland experience not to be missed!! Regrettably, hordes of travelers “miss” them every day. If you aren’t out at Dolomite Point—the Blowholes...

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The South's Most Scenic Beach Walk

Motukiekie Beach Walk

Plan Ahead!! Low-Tide ONLY! Most every tourist on the South island has passed this short stretch of coast, but few stop, as few know about this coastline wonder-walk. The Motukiekie Coast, short as it is, may be the...

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Gorgeous Beach Cove, Lotsa Wind, 6pm Penguins

Sandfly Bay

Sandfly Bay is a force of nature! Arrive during a south wind and you’ll immediately understand the name “Sandfly” — the lava cliffs bookending the beach squeeze the winds into a sand-flying gale. Whoa, there may...

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Dramatic Headlands Route

Cape Farewell / Pillar Point Lighthouse Track

The 5km one-way headlands walk from Wharariki Beach carpark to the Pillar Point Lighthouse is possibly the most dramatic headlands walk on the South Island! This is an exceptional route—nowhere else on the South’s West coast...

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