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Pukehina Motor Camp

Pukehina Motor Camp
26 Costello Cresent
NZ (07) 533 3600
Gps: 37° 47' 25.278" S 176° 31' 41.3472" E
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This would have to be the

Sparkles4Me's picture

This would have to be the filthiest Holiday Camp in the world, not even fit for pigs. It is run by an old man who just hoards rubbish everywhere, how safe is that for children and a wife who is drunk all the time and never does any cleaning and a son who is a drug addict who steals to feed his habit.

They rent to anyone even Mongel Mob who then run rampant around the place, the toilets a filthy never cleaned there is no proper cooking facilities only a camp stove, no hot water for showers.

The owner helps himself to peoples belongings with his use of spare keys..

This place should not even be able to operate in the state it is in and should be closed


Submitted by Sparkles4Me on Sun, 2014-07-13 08:49