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Cathedral Cove

NZ's most beautiful beach

Difficulty: Moderate 20-minute walk
Bring: Food & drink for an all-day stay. Mask and snorkel
Cathedral Cove
NZGps: 36° 49' 41.2464" S 175° 47' 23.2044" E
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This beach wins! Yup, it's the most beautiful small beach on the entire island - and that's saying A LOT! Of course you've seen the pictures of this cove, hasn't everyone? Air New Zealand used it in their international magazine ads. Still...nothing prepares you for the amount of beauty squeezed into such a small beach. Get there early - this east-facing beach loves morning light...late afternoon is all shadow. If you want to get a classic photo of yourself inside the cave looking out at the white rock, get there early - about 9 to 10am, before the crowds and when the rock has good sunlight on its east face.

Be ready to spend the whole afternoon down at the cove. Bring a pack with food and sunscreen and won't want to walk back up if you forget. Here's some fun...swim out to the flat rock and dive off - look for the swim-thru bridge on its south end. Swim out and explore the south cliff's sea caves...wade into each one to find dry sand secret beaches. Everybody's beautiful at Cathedral because the 20-minute walk keeps the unfit away...Yay! Play in the waves...then, once you're ready to chill out and lay down to catch some rays...first head over to the south wall to rinse off under the sprinkling waterfall. Ahhh, Mother Nature has outdone herself heere!

Note: there's a long-drop hidden amongst the Pohutukawas in back of the beach.

Excerpt from "NZ Frenzy Guidebook" by Scott CookNZ Frenzy Guidebook

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Your eyes are the best camera

3mzt's picture

Your eyes are the best camera lens!!you really need to go there to truly experience the beauty of this place!!


Submitted by 3mzt on Sat, 2015-02-14 21:39