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Tuahu Kauri

Southern-Most Big Kauri

Difficulty: Easy 15-minute walk
Bring: Appreciation
Tuahu Kauri
NZGps: 37° 36' 13.9644" S 175° 51' 30.7476" E
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This giant may be the southernmost of the really big Kauris—this is the south end of their natural range. An easy walk will bring you within huggable proximity of this 2.7m-wide behemoth. If you’ve already seen the giants of Northland then this tree may seem a little ho-hum (can a tree this big ever be ho-hum?) But, if you’re coming up from the south and have yet to see a big Kauri, then be sure to make a quick jaunt up here to stretch your neck at Tuahu’s pride. The view through the open forest canopy as you approach the Tuahu giant is exceptionally WOW!

For a longer tramp a network of tracks branch out from here and a mapboard at the carpark shows the routes.

Excerpt from "NZ Frenzy Guidebook" by Scott CookNZ Frenzy Guidebook

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1hr return walk, was a good

beatsmilking's picture

40 min return walk, was a good leg stretcher on a drizzly day to impressive huggable Kauri.


Submitted by beatsmilking on Fri, 2011-11-11 12:03