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Waiohine Gorge

NZ's Longest Swing Bridge

Difficulty: Easy bridge, Difficult tramps
Bring: Courage, inner-tubes
Waiohine Gorge
NZGps: 40° 59' 44.5632" S 175° 23' 16.8432" E
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This forested gorge has good camping and riverside swimming holes. The trails are all pretty rugged tramper’s tracks—viewless, steep, boggy challenges. But, if you’ve yet to cross a New Zealand swing bridge…then this is the place! The bridge, just moments from the camp area, is/was reputed to be NZ’s longest at close to 80 meters. This bridge was just “improved” in late 2007. The old one was excitingly swingy and unnerving. Photos of the new bridge make it appear more solid, but who knows…go have a peek. The old bridge overlooked a small waterfall and was classic enough to be featured in Tourism New Zealand’s image gallery.

The Waiohine River itself is a beauty. Crystal clear summertime water makes it popular for families, inner-tubers, and rafters.

For a day walk on a track, the Totara Flats track is probably the best (the Cone Hut track is steep!)

Excerpt from "NZ Frenzy Guidebook" by Scott CookNZ Frenzy Guidebook

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