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Wairere Boulders

Unique Geological Walking Track

Difficulty: Easy to moderate tracks up to 2 hrs
Bring: Camera, Walking shoes
Wairere Boulders
McDonnell Road
NZ(09) 401 9935
Gps: 35° 22' 29.6364" S 173° 35' 52.674" E
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It is one of the most awesome activities and an exciting adventure to explore this unique Tourism Attraction. The valley, formed by basalt boulders, features an easy walk and tracks and the unique walking possibilities make it an outstanding site of eco-tourism or nature tourism.
We are open every day during daylight hours!!

The length of the basalt rock amassments on the valley floor is 1 1/2 km. There are thousands of boulders stacked on top of each other, some around 30 m high. They look like a stream of rocks and boulders flowing down towards the Hokianga Harbour.

At a first look, everybody thinks the rocks are a limestone formations because of their deep cuts called fluting, but it is actually basalt.

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If you enjoyed 'The Glade' on

beatsmilking's picture

If you enjoyed 'The Glade' on the South Island youll love this walk. 2 hour walking track through unique boulders, and through lush palm trees over bridges and through boulder archways and caves. $15 entry is great value especially as it includes overnight stay in their carpark with clean flushing toilets, picnic tables and covered chillout area. A good alternative to spending money on the passenger ferry is to take in this attraction while driving around the Waihou River instead.


Submitted by beatsmilking on Sun, 2015-05-17 12:20